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What is the Swing Control System by Digga?

Digga's Swing Control System is taking the earthmoving industry by storm.

Digga's patented "swing control" technology has lead them to creating the Swing Control System or SCS as it's more affectionately known.

This SCS controls the pendulum actions of your auger making it easier to operate and control, safer on the work site, and greatly improving operator efficiency and effectiveness.

Integrated into the hitch and drive hood, this multi-award winning design doesn’t depend on friction or cradles and is fully independent of your hydraulic system. It is the most revolutionary pendulum dampening system in the world. Its unique design means the faster you move, the quicker the drive unit stops.

As reviewed by EERM:

"... the unit performed flawlessly and the swing control unit left me wondering why it’s not compulsory on all jobsites. Swing control eliminates sideways swing while the auger is hanging in the air, while still allowing it to hang true as required. The torque achieved via the planetary reduction box was demonstrated in virgin ground with a 450mm auger, cutting its way into the ground at an impressive rate. The auger tools themselves were easy to remove and replace as required. If Australian manufacturing is to survive, and we intend to compete with the cheaper imported products, the remaining players need to take stock of what Digga has achieved. Digga also manufactures buckets, brooms, power rakes, pallet forks, slashers, trenching attachments and much more."