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3 Point Linkage Post Hole Digger Augers Not Getting Through Clay


Hi, I have a post hole digger that fits on the 3 point linkage on my Massey Ferguson 35. The trouble is it is VERY SLOW to go through the clay pan - takes 30 mins or more, and sometimes just doesn't make any progress at all. I have a 150mm and a 300mm auger. The 300 has different teeth (paid more for these). I need an opinion about whether I have the right tips and cutters.


I'd suggest going for the -2 series teeth (listed below) - these are far better in slicing through the clay than the -3 options (that I suggested). They are more abrasive for harder ground including shale.

On one of the last pics with your 300mm auger, it actually looks like the tooth is upside down, if so this will not dig very well.

I also noticed the augers are a single cutting edge. This means only one cutting edge with teeth fitted next to the centre pilot. This is a standard agricultural auger. If he upgraded to the A4 build auger with the 50.8mm hub (listed below) this is a double cutting edge, both sides of the pilot have an edge and teeth fitted - this will dig better.

What I am unsure of however is the power from his PTO auger drive system, hopefully this is suitable and if so, changing the teeth or upgrading his auger should fix the problem.



Looking at the 300mm auger, the outer tooth is non existent!! Given this the most important tooth of all, it's no wonder the auger doesn't work. 
Without the tooth the auger will jam in the hole as there is no clearance for the flights to follow into the hole to remove the soil/ground. Also note, the outer tooth is the wider tooth eg TS-2 and all other teeth should be the TS-C-2 chisel point as these have less surface area = better penetration.
The set up of the auger is fine, pilots are fine but this will need to fit new teeth as above.
Again the drive powering the auger needs to have the torque to penetrate the ground, we don't know what this is.